Review Sows Confusion About Saturated Fats

By distorting evidence, a recent review in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology will result in more harm than benefit

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Key Takeaways

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The Origin of Recommendations to Reduce Saturated Fat Intake

Inconsistent Results: A Cause for Confusion?

Harcombe et al, de Souza et al, Siri-Tarino et al, and Zhu et al.

Ramsden and Hamley

2020 Cochrane Review

Chemical Structure of Saturated Fatty Acids

The Effects of Saturated Fat on Health

Old Research, Shifting Dietary Patterns, and Lessons from Finland

Queue the War on Carbohydrates

PURE and UK Biobank

The Women’s Health Initiative, PREDIMED, and Faulty RCTs

LDL, Insulin Resistance, Carbohydrate Condemnation, and Circulating Fatty Acids

Questioning the Utility of Serum LDL-c

Honing in on sdLDL

Impact of Insulin Resistance on Atherosclerosis

Serum Fatty Acids and Carbohydrate Calumny

Imperfections in Nutritional Science, Ancestry, Nutrigenomics, and Process Contaminants

No “One True Diet”

The Relationship between Nutrition and Genetic and Relevance to Recommendations for Saturated Fat

Dairy Saturated Fat: Uniquely Non-Atherogenic?

Appeals to Ancestry

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A Brief Digression on Coconut Oil

Process Contaminant Paranoia

Ostensible Problems with the AHA’s Presidential Advisory

Food Matrix, Saturated Fat, and their Connection to Health

Safe Sources of Saturated Fat?

Full Fat Dairy

Dark Chocolate

Unprocessed Red Meat

Comments on Gaps in Research and Potentially Distracting Dietary Guidelines

Closing Remarks

Processed Foods and Saturated Fat Bias

Missing the Mark


BSc in Nutritional Science. Fascinated in researching and sharing information on the links between food, exercise, and health.

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